Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Enjoy Victor Wooten, Steve Bailey, and David Haynes playing live in the PreSonus booth at the Winter NAMM Show!

-Victor Wooten’s instrument went to a DI and then to the StudioLive. Steve Bailey was plugged into an effects processor, then a DI, and finally the StudioLive.

-David Haynes’s percussion controller triggered Easy Drummer software on a laptop equipped with a PreSonus AudioBox interface, patched to a pair of StudioLive line inputs.

-We recorded everything directly to Capture and did a quick mix; check it out!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Rick!

Welcome back. Amazing choice for a demo! Was the SL parameters adjusted and displayed while they were playing? I read that Victor records his bass through a DI onto PT and tries not to do too much processing. If possible to answer (w/o giving any secrets), what are his EQ and compression settings on the SL? It sounds like it would need a lot. Steve sounds like he has a low pass or some filtering on his channel. What's his FAT channel settings?

Anthony R. - San Jose, CA

1:48 AM  
Blogger ricknaqvi said...

Both basses were tracked flat with just a small amount of compression (2:1 ratio). Since Steve was playing through an effects processor, he probably had some type of eq or filtering on board as well.

10:59 PM  

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