Friday, December 18, 2009

Studio One - Mastering Tutorial

It's a long one! So grab a snack and get comfortable.
**Watch on Youtube for a larger, higher res version (Double-click the video below)**



Anonymous Anonymous said...

This comment is posted as Anonymous only because I don't have a Google account and don't know what the other types of comments area.

I'm not anonymous, though. Jef Benedetti, recent purchaser of Studio One Artist along with the audiovox USB and longtime musician (and drummer). As you can tell by the stuff I bought, I'm a newbie on the computer recording scene.

I purchased the Presonus equipment on the recommendation of a guy at Guitar Center in Columbus Ohio. So far, it's been a bust.

I was shipped a down-level driver for the hardware as well as the Studio One Artist software. The install DVD for the software has not been helpful at all, except to install a downlevel version of the software.

I've tried to get through recording a basic track with my guitar and have come up goose eggs. The DVD I received a DVD is hit or miss. I finally downloaded from the Presonus Website (after three emails from a well-meaning guy in Customer Service) the most current driver and software, but still no dice. No tracks recorded.

After not being able to download the tutorial using the Presonus routine, I discovered its presence on the DVD. The tutorial moves too fast for novice me. I tried to listen, then pause and accomplish the task in the tutorial (I just want to record one stinkin track), but so far it's been impossible. It looks like the product interface used in the tutorial is different than the one in the current product. That sucks.

But, and it's a big but, there have been two shining lights. One is the guy from customer service who has tried valiantly to get me up and running, but his best efforts have gone for naught. The second is that I found the tutorial that would not load on the DVD, so I just downloaded it myself and tried to get into it, but couldn't grok it.

I paid almost $200 (including $20 for two years of support, which the CD guy told me was free! Thanks Guitar Center) and so far, I have not recorded a track.

I recently had to record a new song for my band, so I dusted off my old reliable TASCAM Portastudio TAPE system, plugged in the guitar and microphone and one-offed my song for my bandmates.

I am frustrated so I would appreciate if anyone who can assist me would do so. I've emailed the CS guy again but haven't heard back since the first of the year.

So far, I have Studio One Artist 1.0.2 installed, which apparently is the most current software. I plugged the guitar in the Audiovox and it appears to getting the signal to the software.

This product is in no way intuitive to the newbie. I am unhappy. But I likely will discover more about the product (like how to use it) once I read the manual, which I also found by accident on the DVD of the old software that won't load.

The tutorial is dead to me.

Contact me at jefbenedetti@hotmail.com.
Jef Benedetti
Columbus, OH

5:17 PM  
Anonymous David C. Allen said...

Great intro. I would really love to see some advanced mastering stuff like how to use spectial analysis to correct harmonic issues. That kind of stuff.

5:39 PM  

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